People & Environment


Wearing clothes feels better when you know that the people who made them were treated with dignity and empowered in the company's success. That's why we embrace our responsibility to treat our employees with respect and provide them with rewarding, safe and healthy work environments

Fair Wages

In all our Company's manufacturing facilities, employees earn more than the legally-mandated minimum industry wages. We believe in the idea that employees have the right to compensation for a regular work week that is sufficient to cover basic needs and provide some level of discretionary income.

Health & Wellness

We have free onsite medical clinics in our factories staffed with doctors and nurses who provide pre and postnatal care, vaccinations, preventative screenings and health education on topics such as the Zika virus, HIV awareness and heart health. As part of their overall benefits, employees are entitled to free medication, free vaccination, subsidized meals, free transportation to and from work, parental leave and financial assistance. Find out click here.


To ask less of the planet, we ask more of ourselves. In all our factories, we look to minimize waste, optimize resources and pursue continuous improvements to reduce our environmental impact.


We treat our wastewaters through biological reactors or through a natural lagoon system called Biotop. The lagoons naturally stabilize the wastewaters' pH and is home to 52 animal species in Honduras and to 42 species in the Dominican Republic, including crocodiles, fish and several species of native birds!


Most of our cotton comes from the U.S. because of its high quality and strong environmental sustainability and social responsibility practices. More than 75% of the cotton acreage where our cotton is grown is irrigated using naturally occurring rainwater only.