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American Apparel partners with Amazon

What is being announced today?

  • We are pleased to announce a partnership between American Apparel® and Amazon. American Apparel will now leverage Amazon’s strong distribution network and fast-shipping expertise to service customers worldwide.

Is there any change to the American Apparel product offering?

  • We are starting with an initial offering that includes a subset of the entire product-offering and plan to grow the assortment over time. Overall, our product offering will include our most popular and relevant styles.

Will USA made products still be available?

  • American Apparel USA made product offering will remain the same as before.

Can I shop anywhere else than on Amazon?

  • Amazon will be our first party retailer for now and our plan is to expand to other retail channels in the future.

Will pricing change?

  • American Apparel products will continue to be made available in an equivalent and competitive pricing format.


  • American Apparel will now leverage Amazon’s strong distribution network, and customers will benefit from their fast-shipping expertise. Please see section 3 for more details about shipping.

Will the quality and fit of my product change?

  • Quality and fit will remain the same. American Apparel will continue to focus on what it does best, quality apparel made ethically.


Where is my order?

  • Please visit Amazon.com to view the status of your order.

I have an old American Apparel gift card. Can I still use it?

  • Unfortunately, old American Apparel gift cards are no longer valid.

How can I view the status of my order?

  • Please visit Amazon.com to view status of your order.


Where do you ship?

How do I ship to an international address?

What shipping methods do you offer?

How can I track my order?

  • Please visit Amazon.com to view the status of your order.


What is your return policy?

How do I return an item?

When can I expect my refund?


Do you have any store locations?

  • We do not have any store locations at this time.

Does Le Club still exist?

  • The Le Club program is no longer active.


  • American Apparel is always looking for new people to appear in our campaigns and on our website. If you reside in the US and are 18 or older, you can submit your picture for consideration by tagging yourself on Instagram with #AAModels.

Are your products still made in the USA?

  • Our products are made in sweatshop-free facilities around the world, including the US. We invite you to learn more about how we make our products by visiting our About Us

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